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Parker EW16-104-20 DRIVER BOARD
Parker EW16-104-20 DRIVER BOARD
Parker EW16-104-20 DRIVER BOARD
Parker EW16-104-20 DRIVER BOARD

Parker EW16-104-20 DRIVER BOARD

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Series EW*104 electronic module is used to control pilot operated D**FS proportional directional valves with main stage spool position feedback. The module accepts a ±10 volt command signal where spool position is controlled by a closed loop PID circuit on the module. Features: Spool overlap range can be manipulated with MIN potentiometer, adjustable by feeding a constant set value of 0.2V. MAX limiting of spool stroke with full set value range. Can be set up after MIN has been set and feeding a constant set value of 10V. DIP-switch from internal ramp generation to external ramp supply. Pulsed low-loss amplifier power stage with supporting constant current control for consistent temperature independent solenoid forces. Dither generator with applied frequency to improve static characteristics. Diagnosis of spool stroke by means of measuring sockets as well as LEDs for indicating working conditions.

  • Connection: 31 Pole Male Connector, DIN 41617
  • Design Series: 20
  • Ambient temperature range: 0°C to +70°C (+32°F to +158°F), Standard Range
  • Power supply: Regulated: 18-26V|Unregulated: 22-38V
  • Module Type: 104 - Amplifier, adjustable, MIN/MAX-limiting Up/Down ramps
  • Electronic Module Directional Valve: EW
  • Size - Valve Size: 16 - D41FS
  • Size - Mounting Pattern: 16 - NG16
  • Size - Valve Spool Stroke: 16 - ±6.0 mm (0.24 in.)
  • Command Signal: 0 to +10 VDC and 0 to -10 VDC
  • Input Select Voltage: 5 to 30 VDC
  • Power Required: 40 VA
  • Reference Outputs: +10 VDC 10 mA
  • Max. Solenoid Output Current: 1.3A
  • Ramps: 0 to 5 seconds adjustable
  • Shielded Cable Connection: Supply connections + valve: 1.5 sq. mm (16 AWG)|Command Signals: 0.5 sq. mm (20 AWG)
  • Fuse: 2A medium lag, DIN 41571/5x20 mm